Monday, May 26, 2008

updated camp information

from karlin's email:

Hello Team 1700,

We apologize for the late response in getting you some of the details settled for bootcamp this summer. Emily, Jessa and I have been working out our schedules and trying to find a time when we're all available. We'll let you know when that will be. soon. we swear.

A few important points:
1. We've decided to change bootcamp this summer. Instead of a full week of robotics camp, we've decided that 2-3 days of activities spread over two different weekends will work better. In addition to simplifying logistics, we're hoping that the time between sessions will create a better opportunity for the girls to spend some time working on new projects this summer! (Don't worry, we have plenty of ideas.)

2. We'd like to have the team leads assist us by taking on some of the responsibility of sharing what they've learned with their peers for a portion of bootcamp. We believe that teaching is one of the best ways we can help the girls learn, and we'll be here to help and guide them.

3. To help prepare all of this, we'd like to have that debriefing session with the team leads to wrap up reflections on this past season and discuss what we're going to focus on this summer.

Great! So what do we need from you?

Fill out the new weekend doodle!

Team leads- we'll be touch again soon to set up a date for the debrief, so start thinking about this season and how you might teach your peers. What are topics you think are critical for someone to know to build a robot? What were activities or "lectures" you found particularly memorable or useful (not just from bootcamp, but from the past 2/3 years): what did you learn from it and why do you think it was memorable?

Team members- If you have special topics you're interested in learning about, don't be afraid to share your ideas with us.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please let us know.
Let's keep the momentum going for the summer :)
-Emily, Jessa, and Karlin