Monday, June 19, 2006

The Shop

I don't know if anyone is actually reading this right now, but if you are:
What do you think of putting some shelving in the shop? Like, some actual robotics shelving, it might just be a shelf under the table in the back, but we could put, for example, the stuff currently in the corner of the project room down there and free up some space. I think it would be fine down there, we'd just have to make it clear that other people shouldn't touch it.
If there's no room for actual shelving, we might just clear a shelf on that rack by the back door and mark it "Robotics," put the long pieces up there, and store the smaller stuff under the table.



HomogeneousTransform said...

Yo kiddo. I'm definitely reading. Did you get Mr. Taffee's email about the second wire shelf that he donated to match our first?

I say we get rid of a table ;)

Kersten said...

yup. We also have the shelf Chrissy and Julia salvaged from the gym or wherever, currently sitting by the crate.
Do you think we could fit a big enough piece of pegboard by the whiteboard to put the most commonly used tools there?

Sophia said...

As sad as it is, I am still reading. I just wanted to tell you guys that I left a few things that I still had on the electronics table. There is a note on the small whiteboard above that table.

Good luck with storage (and everything else)!

Kersten said...

left as in forgot or left as in donated? Your calculator is still in there, by the way. As, of course, are your earplugs.

Sophia said...

Left as in returned things that were never really mine (except the scrapbook, I think technically donated that). And yes, I took my dearest calculater with me.

But DARN! I forgot my earplugs! How could I do that?! ;) You can consider those a donation to the team. (Never been used in two years of having them, fancy that...)