Saturday, January 13, 2007

Crate and FINAL BoMs

YAY! Our drawings and BoMs for the prototypes are done, we will order the materials tomorrow, and we can finally start building them when the parts arrive this week... only a few days behind schedule.
We also sent an expedition to buy the materials for the new crate, after which Mr Reichling and George Schnurle helped the freshmen with building. If any of you freshmen reading this want to elaborate on that or can say what the current crate situation is, feel free to comment or post.
We'll send out an email later tonight saying when we're meeting tomorrow.

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--mArShKiMo-- said...


haa haa haa. okie. soooooo...the freshmen...and chrissy...went to home depot...and we got a bunch of plywood and the bestest green paint in the world. its gorgeous. trust me. we voted unanimously on that shade of green. reichling was doing to major wood-cutting in the know...under those stairs next to the library...? oh well. if you dont understand...well thats too bad for you. anyways...he was doing some major was very loud...but he did a good job! :D and then the freshmen got to use a saw as well to cut wood...but not a HUGE saw...but it was a pretty cool saw nonetheless. :P and then mr. schnurle and mr. reichling and doug helped us build the floor of the was very cool. and we did a good job!!! :D it looks awesome. ok, so i'm a bit partial to it...but i bet you'd agree it looks very nice, too! :)

oh, and mr. reichling was really fast at his major wood-cutting we have all the parts of the crate all cut out now, and all we have to do is to assemble them! (easier said than done) but hey...its still going great! :)