Thursday, June 12, 2008

CAMP - JULY 12-13!

from em's email:


After a first pass at an agenda for Gatorbotics Bootcamp, I thought I'd share this with you (especially since I sort of volunteered all of you to help out in some way at some point). I know that some of you may be out during this time (i.e. David Cardinal) but if you can still help us prepare, for camp on July 12-13, please let us know.

Jessa, Karlin and I decided on a two day bootcamp which is more doable given our tight schedules this summer. We also want a lot more student and parent involvement, if possible (so we don't bear all the load) and we'd like to incorporate a number of non-technical aspects like project planning and public speaking type activities.

The brief agenda is below. I've attached a long winded version with a first pass description of what I think each session should entail with questions. Note that this is definitely a very very first pass so please feel free to chop at it. I think I've realized that we need something to glue together all the technical aspects of robot building - and hence starting with a system level discussion and state diagrams. I think, given how much energy us mentors and parents have, our time together is best spent looking at the big picture rather than diving into the mechanics of Solidworks or something like that . . . since Solidworks, and even Labview have tutorials that, if we can get the students motivated, they can do on their own.

I'm out to Singapore and Japan from June 15 - July 11 for work. Yes, that means I need your help preparing for bootcamp since I get back the day before! I'll be on skype and email the entire time I'm there.

Please email me with a yay or nay if you can help, and with your feedback.

Many many thanks in advance,


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Draft Agenda: Brief Version

Saturday, July 12

8:45 Introductions / Breakfast (Emily)

9:00 The Big Picture: Building a Calendar Together (Erin)

10:30 Kit of Parts Scavenger Hunt and Discussion (Sherri, Allie)

12:00 Lunch break / Fieldtrip Slideshow (Erin and Emily)

1:00 Brains, brains, brains: Robot State Diagrams (Karlin / Jessa, Sherri / Caroline)

2:30 Starting Virtual: Introduction to the Labview environment via NXT (Karlin / David C)

4:00 Realizing the Virtual: Part 1: Real sensors (Jessa, Doug, David Cardinal)

5:00 Day Ends

Sunday, July 13

8:45 Breakfast Reflections (Emily)

9:00 Your Elevator Pitch: Team values and presenting them (Karl / Farokh, Allison / Ida)

10:30 Realizing the Virtual: Part 2: Motors and Mechanisms (David Lu / Nandini / Ann)

12:00 Lunch break. Commitment Discussion. (Erin)

1:00 Show and tell: What you always wanted to know how to use!

2:00 Putting it all together: Sensors, Actuators and Code (Maybe Emily)

4:00 What next? Putting together a game plan.

5:00 Day Ends

(check the email for more detailed agenda)

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