Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Update


It has been a while since the blog was updated so I will try to include all of the important

The first piece of exciting information is that we cleaned out the robotics lab! Below is a picture so you can see how lovely it looks. However, the lab is once again messy, but we will clean everything up.

The big news that we have is that we are attending CalGames next weekend! CalGames is an off-season robotics competition that is a replay of last season's competition, Breakaway. We have been working on a new robot that we are going to bring to the competition. The robot is named Will da Beast and has a low chassis, pneumatic kicker, camera, autonomous mode and snazzy bumpers (they are reversible so we don't need to stress about taking them off between matches)! We are short enough to go under the tunnels in the center of the field and the robot looks amazing! CalGames was the first time that we programmed a robot in Java and so far everything has been going great! Today we got got the final version of the robot up and running. The kicker works and we decided to add some surgical tubing to make it a little stronger, but we have the piston mounted so that we can adjust how hard we kick the ball.

With 5 days left until CalGames we just need to make a few adjustments to the robot and we should be ready to go. We are all packed up getting excited for the competition. CalGames is at Lynbrook High School, and the first day's matches and opening ceremony starts at 6:00 pm on Friday October 22. The second day (October 23) starts nice and early at 8:00 am, and we would love everyone to come! What is a better way to celebrate Mole Day than to come and watch an exciting robotics competition?

I would also like to thank our incredible mentors Jimmy, Holly, Stephen and Santhi who have helped us so much with this robot! We wouldn't have a beautiful robot if it wasn't for their help!

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sherri said...

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. so much love and good luck being sent your way for the next few days!