Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Getting a little stressed...

Today we found out some bad news that all of the BaneBots orders are backed up by at least 10 days. This means that it is likely we may not even get the motors by the ship day, which makes us very stressed since we were relying on these to power the arm. Currently we are looking for alternatives which would be
  • planetary from AndyMark (they are behind on shipping, but it would work)
  • lead screw (we wouldn't need to use a BaneBots motor for this, but it would take more space on the bottom of the robot)
  • hope that they let us use a CIM motor since many teams are having difficulty from this backup and bad weather
  • maybe use a drill gearbox... or try to make something on our own
If you have any ideas or solutions, let us know in the comments!

Yesterday we thought that we broke one of the motors, because it started smelling really bad and wouldn't run. We probably did do something wrong to make it smell that bad, but once the battery was charged it worked again. So either it healed or we just didn't check that it was charged....

Minibot has been making progress on deployment and design, we have had some difficulties with the parts and getting the materials to connect the gears the way that we want to but we are making progress.

Programming has been making lots of progress! They discussed various electronic parts that are related to the robot.

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sherri said...

warning about lead screws -- they can be incredibly, incredibly slow. we learned that from benji my sophomore year :)