Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Because 18 comments doesn't need one more

Hey! Has anyone by any chance seen the black pieces to hold up those nice, shiny, metal shelves? Also, have you guys seen any loose allenwrenches anywhere?

-the Dungeon Master
P.S. Yeah, I know I sent most people an email about this, but a U.R.L. told me to blog it as well.


juleea said...

The allen wrenches are the size needed for all the bolts on our chassis.
Also, we're pretty sure the black plastic pieces were in a medium size ace paper bag in one of the green buckets (w/ buttons, etc.) when we left SVR.

Sophia said...

I do not know where anything is. However, there is a possibility I might have some spare allen wrenches if you promise not to lose them.