Thursday, March 09, 2006

List from Chrissy/Kersten

To do before SVR:

-Make bumpers (Saturday, time TBD)
-Figure out if/how we're going to remodel our robot
-Tell people to bring the goggles they were given
-Advertise SVR to school
-Figure out what's going on each shelf
-Label shelves
-Velcro a power strip to shelf
-Take apart shelves
-Colaborate with the electronics team (what needs to be brought?)
-Put black shelves in car, to bring into pit only if necessary

To buy before SVR:
-green electrical tape
-black electrical tape
-bungy chords
-red locktite
-blue locktite

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HomogeneousTransform said...

Nice work guys ;) Came by yesterday from 3-4 pm to sort out some code / sensor stuff, and sorry I missed you!

On the packing note, just wanted to point out that there is a great check team list in Section 7.16 of the US FIRST manual this year that could be really handy!

Go to the US FIRST website to find Section 7 or you should have a copyof this entire manual printed out somewhere in the science project room!

Good luck!