Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Today we wrote letters for a while (which are due TODAY, btw) and then, once we figured out our transportation, headed over to IDEO. Jim has machined us some wonderful stuff, like transmission mounts and the motor mount for Chrissy's arm. We also had him drill holes in the new chassis and we can put wheels and (almost) transmissions on the actual robot. We still don't know what ramp material we're going to use. We still (consequently) don't know whether we'll use a flipper (Free Willy) or some latch and cable device to keep the ramps in (does anyone else think that latches and cables might be a bit iffy if we get run into?). We still might end up buying the Andymark transmissions. We need to go to Alan Steel to buy some stuff (there's a list somewhere... Julia?). If anyone knows anything about where to buy structural bamboo, post a comment here or talk to me or Julia or Chrissy about it.
Thanks to Ms Doerr for the sushi.
Good work on the crate, freshman.


--mArShKiMo-- said...

hooray!!! you finally saw our gorgeeeeeeous crate!!! :)

HomogeneousTransform said...

I wish you guys were here. Bamboo is everywhere. This country lives on bamboo. I can go down across the street and steal a long piece of bamboo from the construction site. I wish you guys were like 6000 miles closer. LAadders made out of bamboo. Skyrises are built starting from bamboo scaffolding that gets taken down afterwards, brooms are made from bamboo ... oh man, I am going to write a book about bamboo in China.

Kersten said...

I'm sure that'll be a bestseller, Em.