Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ramps (cont.)

We're almost done with mounting the surfaces on one whole ramp (the main ramp is done, and we need to mount one more aluminum sheet, which has already been punched out, on the secondary ramp). Once that is done, we can work out how to mount the two pieces together, incorporate the support, and mount it all onto the chassis.

Along with the list of stuff in my previous blog, these things also have to get done:

Ramp release mechanism--I think we're at a point where we should be able to have it all ready to mount on the tower of power. Let's try to get that done within the next two days.

Gripper redesign--it turns out the design we've been planning to use doesn't work. Chrissy and I stayed really late trying to work something out, but this needs more thought.

We're going to IDEO tomorrow and getting there AT FIVE-THIRTY (5:30!!!! NO LATER PLEASE!!!). Maybe you've noticed we've been getting there a half hour late every time, which is bad because we HAVE TONS TO DO (and we're wasting Jim's time if we're not there)!!!

When we go, we need to take:

-The chassis and arm (if programming is ok with this...if not, maybe they can follow)
-A battery (so we can weld a mount onto the chassis)
-That bag with safety glasses and that 1.5' piece of pvc
-and probably other stuff, too...


juleea said...

since i can't edit my posts anymore, i'll just have to add lots of comments... :)

another thing to do = put grip tape on ramp (in offset strips...talk with someone before you tape anything)

juleea said...

and get mr. rockman to order transmission replacement plates

juleea said...

we need a cart for the robot by portland (on week after ship date)...so if you're not doing anything (...), think about that.