Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tuesday. t-28.

exactly four weeks to ship from yesterday!

yesterday was a productive, if chaotic, day....

annie headed the effort to start using a motor to actuate the cam. decided on a van door, will hopefully be testing today.

shifrah, sarah r, and lindsey worked on a prototype for pneumatics actuation with a gate hinge. shif cut wood in the shop during lunch and they'll be done with that soon.

anndini drilled holes in the 8020 for the better prototype of marvin.

caroline wrote new drive code with some of the new programming team members. we tested it on chad. the wireless bridge REALLY does not like going over the bump. at all. not even a little bit. we think that it's a combination of just the innards of the bridge and the crio connections. we're insulating the bridge, and we shall try to order another one.

drills have been researched and we will order a new dewalt asap.

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