Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a very productive day!

hello everybody! shreya here. i've been appointed "official blog person" so get used to me :)
it's the 4th day of the season and the robotics room is buzzing! build and programming alike a re busy as bumblebees!
happening today:
  • sherri, caroline, sallie, divya and karlin are trying to fix the wireless connection--basically, several parts have identity crises and are not aware they exist. and they need therapy.
  • anne and nandini filled in our lovely mentors, stephen and holly, on this year's challenge
  • anna, shifrah, emily and i built a prototype chassis
  • annie, sarah, christine and meghana built a prototype kicking mechanism
  • tobi, nina and aneesha worked on a prototype pinball flipper thing for kicking the soccer ball
  • allie, lindsey and victoria inventoried parts :D
chaperone and dinner was my mom (aka kc), who offered these words of wisdom: there is no such thing as too much garlic bread.

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