Monday, January 28, 2008

monday 1.28


so today, anne, caroline, erin and i went to allan steel (thank you marsha!) and met doug and emily there, where we bought 38 pounds (including some extra) of 6061 aluminum extrusion.

headed over to ideo, where four of the builders set about making sure the mecanum (pr: mecknm? meck-AN-um? meck-uh-nm?) wheels are properly functioning.

jimmy welded us a beyootiful shining chassis! well, actually he was still going strong when (sniff) we all had to leave. but on wednesday, i bet we'll see a gorgeous chassis!
hopefully we can get it up and driving by wednesday night, our next late ideo night.

on the coding side, i know erin and caroline are basically still receiving the same frustrating error message. but i THINK i know what the problem is... the same one i had.
you can't call a .h file in both user_routines.c as well as your functionfile.c. so i solved that problem by taking the #define and really necessary shit and just putting in it filtering.c, and then not calling filtering.h in that .c file. i only called in it .c.
after a good chunk of frustrating debugging, my code finalllllllly compiled! whether it actually does what we want it to, well, i suppose we'll find out? printf's are lovely things.

i believe the new toughbox gearboxes (to take two motors in one, i think?) should be coming in tomorrow night, so a couple builders should head over in the afternoon to get those all set up.

thankkkkk you to doug emily david tiffany and jimmy for all being there tonight.
all in all, a productive night. i'm happy.


Karlin said...

I think I know what was going on with the .h's and the #define's, global variables, etc. It was just some minor syntax stuff- Just coded up the filtering function on my laptop and everything seems to work fine (well, it compiles)

also...i'm thinking you don't have to generate a 64,000 value lookup table...maybe just 500...but I'm still thinking about it.

I'll stop by tuesday.

HomogeneousTransform said...

Hey Karlin, I agree. I think that it's a pretty sparse matrix (most of the elements in the 64,000 element matrix are probably zeros). We might find that ultimately we can represent it with a upper or lower triangle.