Tuesday, January 29, 2008


so i got the other code compiling too...
apparently we can't have a 255 x 255 array. because that's hella big.
so now it's 5 by 5. but at least it compiles!

so maybe we should come up with a new idea for drive code? or something without a 64000 value array.

also, we're eating the leftover amazing pizza from il fornaio. yum yum. it was even better yesterday, too.


Guy Davidson said...

Our of plain curiosity, why does your drive code need such a humongous array? A look-up table of return values for each of the potential positions of two joysticks? I'm really curious is what you're trying to do.

-Guy Davidson,
Paly Robotics

anne banane said...
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anne banane said...

how do i write on the blog? :(

HomogeneousTransform said...

Anne, sign into www.blogger.com with your email address and password. Then choose the 'Gatorbotics Blog' and post to it. Email me if you still can't blog ;) - Emily

Marisela said...

You write very well.