Tuesday, February 05, 2008

4 gearboxes and we need a gripper... :(


well yesterday (monday) we went to ideo and i guess we decided to use 4 gearboxes on the chassis instead of 2 so we can be a crab now. so jimmy and the build team took apart the gearboxes for the 109874023809282th time (jk) and jimmy had to make the other gears in the 2 extra gearboxes skinnier and he had to make new mounts for the gearboxes. (poor jimmy) and i heard doug did something amazing/magical with this year's screwed up GTS (or something electronics-y)

and today jessa and karlin came today to help with programming :D
and build tried to make a prototype of the gripper that had 2 arm things that moved parallel to each other. also, the leadscrew should have arrived today (hopefully we can see it tomorrow when we go to ideo!)

so for tomorrow i think we (as in build) should start on the final arm thing and definitely continue prototyping grippers and stuff. and as for programming...well i don't really know.

thanks to the billimoria family for bringing really yummy food! :D

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HomogeneousTransform said...

Yay. Is this Anne blogging? So uh, the lead screw hasn't arrived yet. I emailed mcmaster and will check in on them in the morning. Arrrrgggh. At the very least, I think we can start building a structure for the arm.