Saturday, February 09, 2008


today was just one of those robotics days

lots of driving, perfecting code, adding code...
anne and nandini would probably have an update on the state of towers/grippers/arms
annie and tobi wired up a spiffy (and organized!) electronics board. thank god, the other one was starting to get a little scary.

we added a brake. well, two, but one is ghetto to fit with our theme and SHOULD NOT be used.
do not press the trigger. it extremely reverses the direction of the motors. if lightly tapped, the point was that it would be an immediate brake.
the one you should actually use is the thumb button, which will set everything to 127.

we also fixed the turning issue

except then doug/karlin decided that since our motors were all strangely wired up we needed to fix that... so equation-writing and brainstorming ensued. i'm not sure if we came up with anything by the end of the day.

bumpers! kind of a neccessity, we've realized... hehehe. so i think people were getting wood cut, etc, for that. hopefully we can acquire some pool noodles asap. bumper party tomorrow?

oh... heheh we managed to SNAP the end off the oi radio. eek. they are apparently extremely flimsy. however, it still somehow works, so yknow, we'll just go with it. and at competitions, we plug into the master system, so it doesn't matter too too much.

is anyone planning a end-of-build party again?

we have succesfully made our mark on ideo. twice.
and fingerblasters are fuuuun. :) we're not sure how ideo people manage to get any work done.

by the way, the robot needs a ghetto name. seeing as it, uh, is extremely extremely ghetto. ideas in the works.

10 days and counting? or maybe it's nine?

we'll get there - if nothing else, we should be able to speedily drive around in circles.

thank you thank you to emily, doug, jimmy, karlin, eric, and tiffany
also to the mukherjees for awesome food

11 at castilleja tomorrow, probably at ideo by 1?

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