Monday, January 16, 2012

An alarming day at Robotics!

When we arrived at the lab today, we found that the fire alarms were being tested! Every couple of minutes, an alarm would go off, Victoria would do a crazed werewolf impression, and everybody else would moan about ringing ears. It wasn't the easiest place to work. Nevertheless, we continued on.

The first half of the day was spent designing full prototypes for our second Design Review. We developed two types of conveyor belt: one with surgical tubing and a v-shaped wall on the other side, and another that was 2-sided. We also developed two types of wheeled shooters: one vertical with adjustable angles, and one horizontal. Programming worked on getting the camera to function, and by lunch it was identifying different "blobs" of color.

After lunch, we finished our prototypes and the had our Design Review (thanks to all who came!). Conversation mostly focused on the specifics of the belt and shooter, as well as what would connect the two.

Finally, the team gathered to discuss further plans. We decided to create better prototypes of the two types of conveyor belt as well as a Sadie-type mechanism. (Sadie is a robot from a few years ago.) We also want to investigate the two different types of shooters more in-depth, and one of our overarching goals for the week ahead is to start getting dimensions for the parts.

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