Friday, January 13, 2012

Lots of Prototyping

Almost a week into the season and we’re busy prototyping, connecting our computer to one of our previous robots, and creating a new website.

Today, we split into small groups again and focused on various projects.
 Nicki M., Yael, and Chloe worked on prototyping the device for collecting the basketballs, creating a design where two bent plastic pieces rotate and guide basketballs into the robot. 

Sarah, Austin, Dani, Katie, Yael, and Nicki M. worked on a more detailed prototype of the conveyor belt, using pool noodles duct-taped around metal rods, surgical tubing stretched between the two metal rods, and wood with holes drilled in it to put the metal rods into.  They also worked on prototyping the wall behind the conveyor belt, using two pieces of foam core connected with L-brackets to create a corner for the basketballs to move up. 

Alice and Aneesha worked on a prototype for the basketball shooter, while Claire worked on building a model of the robot with a tilted conveyor belt.  Anna researched tank treads; we’re still unsure about our drivetrain. Nina and Sara drew a potential robot design.  

In programming, Shifrah, Katherine, and Kylie succeeded in getting a robot to communicate with the computer!  

Becky and Carly worked on the new team website (coming soon!). 

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