Saturday, January 07, 2012

Kickoff 2012!

Today was the day we had all been waiting for! Kickoff 2012!

This year's challenge is called Rebound Rumble (the video can be seen here ). It involves a basketball component and then teams can balance on three different ramps at the end of the match to get more points.

After reading the manual the first thing that we did was come up with a list of what we Must Have, Want to Have, and things that would be Cool But Not Necessary. Here is the list below:

Must Have
Shooting or Dunking
Pick up balls from floor
Hold 3 balls
Angle/Height adjustment if we have a shooter or dunker
CAD of the robot

Want to Have
Short length (to make it easier to put three robots on one ramp)
Drive over bump (maybe pneumatic tires?)
Tipper for bump
Kinect, targeting hoops (aiming)
Computer controlled shooter
Low to ground
Get balls to driver side
Shoot quickly
Parking break

Cool but not necessary
Pretty (powder coating)
Bball jerseys

We then came up with the following list of strategies:
Be the last person on the ramp
High Torque drive train
Automated Shooting
Attach to other robots
Look at FTC from last year and robots from 1717 and 254 from 2009
Communicate with opposite alliances
Accelerometer for feedback on balance

We then broke into groups to brainstorm specific ideas for the robot. Tomorrow we are going to get the materials for the game pieces and start building them. Good luck to all of the teams!

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