Thursday, January 08, 2009

day 6

Today was another big day of prototyping and setup.  Sallie downloaded the FIRST version of labview on Zak (no small feat) and worked on getting the computers ready for programming to start.  We still need to finish installation on Mark, but Sallie started that, so we are well on our way.  

In terms of prototypes, the team worked on making a conveyer belt (as that is a key aspect of many of our designs) and wrote up a pro con list of some of our current prototypes.  We are hoping to have many functional prototypes for our all-team meeting this Monday.  We haven't chosen a definite time for the meeting, but it will probably be in the 6:00- 6:30 range (so that mentors can attend).  At this meeting we will be briefing the juniors on what we have been doing this week, showing them our prototypes, and presenting a detailed season schedule.  Our first big deadline is in a little over a week.  By next Sunday we hope to have chosen designs for both the chassis and tower.  

Tomorrow we will be meeting from 5-8, Saturday from 2-6, and Sunday from 2-5.  I will post the Monday meeting time as soon as I know.    

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