Saturday, January 24, 2009

saturday [although it's not over]

the toilet brush ball collector

-we have a functioning prototype of the corkscrew concept! made out of foamcore and with a toiletbrush spinning thing, it's amazing. our current "transition" stage design is the corkscrew - conveyer belts just had too many moving parts and was too complex.
-we're researching different long brushes that we can use for the corkscrew. i'm not sure if this makes sense, but i'll hopefully have more pictures on picasa soon. the design is the one that annie wrote about - here's the link to a youtube clip of another team. our design is similar.
-the toilet brushes have been attached to drills and work remarkably well to suck in the balls from the groud. i'm really excited about this. the picture's above.
-anne posted pictures to picasa! the link is to the right - build photos
-anndini are sketching out the final chassis design.
-allie is working on a model of the electronics board in solidworks
-we had a ridiculous number of mentors. emily and julia and kersten and jessa and david and brian. and perhaps too much sugar...
see you all tomorrow - 11 to 3.

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