Wednesday, January 28, 2009

picture of chassis

chassis design as of 1/26 - this is the design that jimmy is welding for us. except for the top right wheel, everything else is to scale. 
thank you anne for uploading pictures to picasa!

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Anonymous said...

This frame is illegal according to some of the FIRST Q&A answers given by the GDC. Read this thread on FIRST's forums for details:

Essentially, your BUMPER PERIMETER is defined by wrapping a string around your frame, so the BUMPER PERIMETER does not go into your ball intake region on the front of your robot. Additionally, every corner on your robot must be protected by 6 inches of bumper on each side of the corner. Since the two angled sides are not on your BUMPER PERIMETER, any bumpers you place along those angled pieces are not actually legal BUMPERS. To fix this, make the two angled sides square with the front of your robot and make sure they are both at least 6 inches long, since BUMPERS must also be backed directly by your frame. I hope it hasn't been welded yet, because as this design stands it will not pass inspection. Good luck with the rest of build!

As a side note, a "BUMPER segment" is defined by the part of the bumper with plywood backing and noodles in one assembly, like the cross section example in the Section 8 of the game manual.