Friday, January 09, 2009

Day 7

Today we finished what we had been working on yesterday, mainly installing software on computers (thanks again Sallie and Brian) and prototyping.  We made lots of prototypes today out of all sorts of materials.  Shreya and Anna made a very nice vertical conveyer belt system, and Divya and Annie worked on a horizontal windmill (it actually spins!).  Our goal for this weekend is to have lots of nice prototypes to demonstrate to the leads during the meeting on Monday.  

The Agenda for Monday's Meeting is as follows:
-Show the challenge video
-Go over challenge (questions, clarifications etc.) 
-Go over schedule for the season
-Show Benji with this year's wheels on the competition surface (will he turn?) 
-Present Prototypes

We would love if mentors would be able to attend, but we want to do the meeting early enough so that the Juniors can get some work done after the meeting, and early enough so some mentors can attend.  Basically, we want to have an all-team meeting before we all go off and work.  

Another note, Jimmy finished replacing the wheels on last year's robot with the wheels from this year's kop, so we would love a volunteer to pick up the robot from IDEO at a time tbd (I'm not sure when Jimmy will be there/ we can get into the shop to pick it up).  However, it would be great it we could get it before/on Monday so that we can present it at the meeting.  Thanks for a great first week of robotics.  

Meeting times for this week and Monday are as follows: 
Saturday :2-6
Sunday:  2-5
Monday: 3-6 (with the meeting beginning at 3)


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karlin said...

wow, sounds like you got a lot of work done today, that's great! Can't wait to see the prototypes on Sunday.