Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25


CHASSIS: We gave the chassis metal to our mentor Jimmy.
ARM: We are deciding between a four bar linkage and a scissor lift.
CLAW: Finalized basic claw design involving surgical tubing and wheels
MINIBOT: Prototyping design and deployment, perhaps using drawer slides
PROGRAMMING: Programming drivetrain and discussing controller designs
ANIMATION: Still working, still frustrating, but making progress.

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Tuesday, 1/25/11

Yesterday, Jimmy said that our scissor lift would take a lot of machining and work, so we reconsidered the four-bar linkage. A group made the dimensions for the four-bar linkage so we can put it into CAD.
One minibot group learned how to solder and wired a light switch, while another worked on the “sliding drawer” idea for deployment.
Animation continued as usual, and some Animation people watched tutorial videos.
Programming was planning to hook up Will-Da-Beast, last year's robot, and drive him, but Mimi the Classmate got the flu (a virus!) and we now have to re-image Mimi and we’re making a back-up computer as well.

A shout-out to our readers in the Netherlands!



Ancient One said...

A Virus? Ouch. Seems kind of sudden. Any idea how it showed up? And can Mimi run some AV software like AVG?

Annie said...

Mimi already uses AVG, but we fixed her and have a backup now so she should be ok.

Divya said...

Who's Ancient One?

Annie said...

He's my dad :)