Saturday, January 08, 2011

Kickoff 2011

Kickoff 2011 was a huge success. Annie, Divya and Tobi went to the official kickoff to see the challenge and get the Kit of Parts. This year's challenge is called Logomotion and should be a lot of fun, as it involves inflatable rings, your main robot and a parasitic "Minibot" that is unleashed in the final 10 seconds. Unfortunately, we were missing all of our Junior team members as they are in China, but hopefully they will be back soon.

We started off brainstorming, so there's not much to report in terms of specific progress, but we're planning on prototyping some ideas tomorrow, reading over the game manual (the FIRST site crashed) and unpacking the kit of parts (the checklist is on the FIRST site). For the game manual go to:

Keep checking in with the blog. I'm really looking forward to an incredible season.

~Annie, Build Lead

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