Friday, January 28, 2011

Silverado is acting up

Today, we talked to Jimmy a lot about the tower and getting the height and we decided to use the four-bar linkage. We also discussed gripper designs and we don't need chain, the surgical tubing should be enough to power the front and back wheels. For the mini-bot, we are looking at using magnets (we tried some strong ones!). We kept prototyping minibots and minibot deployment, but we are still waiting for motor hubs to come so we can use the tetrix pieces for testing.

Programming tried to get the netbook, Silverado, to download code but it kept connecting to wireless networks and making an automatic ip configuration so it didn't work. They got mimi to test the getDegree method for the joystick which Carly and Katherine's code used. It turned out that it went from 0 to 180 and 0 to -179 (basically it wasn't like a unit circle).

Most of the team is out tonight either at the Middle School Musical, Annie, or FOMF (Friends of Millard Fillmore Trivia Hunt), so we had a low key evening with delicious Indian food.

The Animation team was working a wheel hub and they are having a sleepover to watch an early morning webcast tomorrow!

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