Sunday, March 16, 2008

from emily's email

Yes, I know we've barely had a breather after a very exciting season but parents and students alike are asking about this!

Let's try to nail a preliminary date before April 15.

Please let us know what weeks (Monday through Friday, 9 am - 5 pm) you are available between June 16 and August 25.

Please sign up on doodle!

Jessa Lee (Gatorbotics founding team captain) and Karlin Bark (Stanford PhD student) spearheaded this amazing effort last year.

We talked about topics ranging from mechanisms to programming, took field trips to Alan Steel and the Tech Shop, and prototyped with pneumatics and electronics.

Photographs from the 2007 Gatorbotics bootcamp are here:

Let's build on this foundation! I would love to hear from you thoughts on what we could do to make this even better.

A few thoughts:

- Could the entire team take a day to take a class in machining / welding at the TechShop or The Crucible during this week?

- Could the parents have their own parallel 'bootcamp' day or evening where they help the team behind the scenes and plan for the next year?

- Could we bring in guest speakers from other teams and go visit other local robotics teams i.e. Paly, Gunn and Woodside Claremont.

Mentors, teachers and parents, please also put down your own name if you want to get involved with this week. I'm not expecting anyone (myself included) to be available for the whole week to teach, but if we can each contribute a day or even an afternoon of our time, this will be fabulous once again!

Thanks in advance, Emily

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