Friday, March 07, 2008

svr prep stuff

yes, i'm blogging yet again

chairmans! we need to
-decide which 3 people are presenting
-prepare whatever we want to take to present
-get letter of reference from barriger, seton
-poster from last year?
-all those counterpoint/around the circle/published articles

has someone contacted local press about svr? i remember hannah saying she did this last year

who is going to uncrate? from what jrock told me, last year julia and kersten and beth martinson as the adult mentor person went down earlier and then the rest of us took a van from school.

within school publicity! announcements at meetings - flyers - bulletin - etc.
also, outside of school. tell people to come.

we've basically repacked. i also edited the packing list.
there are copies of the list in every crate.
actually, the more i think about, the more i do wish we had a wiki type thing. then we could just post everything to that. definitely something to think about for next year.

what about the bumpers? i know they got a little beat, but in general they're fine, yeah? or do we need to do some stapling before svr?

the weights are coming straight to svr? we didn't pack them, since they're at ideo...

code documentations nearly done... which nice person want to bind it for bathroom reading? :)

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