Thursday, March 06, 2008

what new team members did this year

-screw mecanum wheels (Twice...)
-prototype for arm
-velcroed protective polycarb on board/chassis
-organing the project room/familiarizing with parts
-taking apart scotty
-wiring electronics board
-drilling holes into the chassis for bumpers
-painting/repainting the bumpers
-going on random errands
-watching jim cut/weld things
-soldering limit switch
-taking apart scotty
-writing electronics board
-discussion/making group design decisions
-cleaning project room

there are some obvious trends here.
ginna has volunteered to be in charge of next year's new team members! yay! that's awesome.
we also talked about other things new team members can do and the importance of being willing to simply watch and observe - that's how you learn!

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