Saturday, March 15, 2008

svr results!

summary version:
WE WON THE JUDGES AWARD! that's really exciting
and we also got the safety token count award thing. yay for allie's safety captaining.

in more detail, friday afternoon we had a team meeting and discussed how we were doing. no, we weren't ranked high. with our gripper breaking twice and other teams not showing up/not following the strategies, circumstances were beyond our control.
that said, we came up with a list of four expectations-->goals we had for svr.
2. score more effectively and consistently
3. get chosen for an alliance.
4. get recognition for our efforts.

excepting 3, i'd say we did pretty well. i definitely had a good time. that first match today?! it was AMAZING. score 54-30 and we both hurdled and placed. we should all be really proud.
and WE DID get recognition - the judge's award! no, it's not a national award. but the judges saw us and recognized us as a good team. so YAYYY

the core team needs to sit down and have an intense debrief about the season - what we've done, and what we want to do, and how to get those things done.

thank you to everyone who came and supported us (including all the alum :]), and to emily for being awesome as always with our spiffy cards to use when pitching ourselves.

party tomorrow, 4-7:30 at erin's house. be there. (with food).

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HomogeneousTransform said...

Sherri, you rock the house ;) She who takes the minutes creates the collective memory.