Wednesday, February 15, 2006

24 hour Hollywood Diet

our robot is fat
i'm thinking south beach, or maybe slim-fast, 24 hour hollywood diet, perhaps the grapefruit or juicing diet, atkins, low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie, low sugar diet?

think light thoughts
think helium
think how we can lose 20 pounds

we'll make a fortune, "lose 20 pounds in under a week!"

for referance, 20 pounds is 2 batteries.

what could we cut holes in? what can we remove? what can we do without?

sleep on it, keep it in the back of your mind, and tomorrow we'll get something done.


HomogeneousTransform said...

ARRRGGGGGGH. Did I not, really did I *not* suggest being cognizant of your weight????


And I can tell you right off the bat that you are not going to get rid of 20 lbs by drilling holes all over the place.

Unless Jimmy goes and welds together a brand new lightweight aluminum frame for you for the launchers, you're going to have to start JUNKING features. You have tried to do TOO MUCH.

- Get rid of a launcher motor. That's 4 lbs.

- Rebuild your transmission to be less powerful. That's two CIM motors gone - another 6 lbs.

- Turn you robot back to 4 wheel drive. You remove the weight of two wheels and their sprockets. Another 2 lbs.

- Toss the turret. You can turn only with your chassis. That's another 5 lbs.

I'm sorry if I convey the tone that I am frustrated, angry and unhappy. I do a very bad job of hiding my emotions. I'm sorry if I look like I'm always upset these days and not having fun, because I'm not.

Edward said...

i don't mean to be 'one of those guys' that pops in with stupid ideas thinking it might help... but just in case it might... I've inculded some thoughts here...

take all my suggestions with the grain of salt that i'm not completely competent of the way you are shooting for things to work... these are merely suggestions...

- you may want to consider, that despite being aluminum, the turret plate is SOLID, which is just silly.

- many of the cross members and well, main members for that matter, of the frame do not need to be what FIRST supplied. You can make your own with some alternate lightweight material, if it's needed at all

- if you've decided on the final positions of everything on chester, a lighterweight aluminum frame can be made.... 80-20 is kind of overkill in my opinion great for moving around and checking things out, but not for weight.

- don't know how much that ABS base weighs, but it's solid, too... does it need to be? Can we turn it down a little in thickness between the press fit ring on the inside and the perimeter where it mounts?

- I agree with the transmission rebuild, that's quite a bit of weight with 2 CIM motors gone, maybe even considering dumping parts you don't need in the transmission.

- maybe belt (timing or V) vs. chain drive? Chains are pretty heavy...

- That polycarb / vinyl sheet in the hopper is pretty heavy isn't it
? Maybe go with 15-30mil? Or possibly mesh? I'm not even sure what it is right now... see how useless i am?

let me know if you want more ideas...

HomogeneousTransform said...

Yes, and in five days, yes, we'll just, yes, build the dang robot out of TITANIUM.

Need to make trip to Tap Plastics. I agree with you Ed on redoing the hopper with a lower thickness sheet.

We can get rid of Chester (the ABS piece) certainly. That was my first thought before Jimmy went and actually set up the offset turret Tuesday night.

The 80-20 frame for the launchers - was it not on LAST saturday when I said, let's rebuilt it now that we know where everything goes??

The mini-bike motors are REALLY heavy. REALLY HEAVY. Like 4-5 lbs each. I know because I bought one and had to extra pay for it in shipping. We are using 2 mini-bike and 4 CIM motor right now. Reduce to 4 CIM motors. We can run the chassis and launcher without.

Dang it, why do I feel like Cassandra - I can see things coming but no one ever listens to my 'suggestions' until everything starts coming true.