Wednesday, February 01, 2006


By Saturday, FEBRUARY 5TH last year, with 17 days left, we had a completely functional arm. (How do I know, I took the photo to the left on that day, and it's marked with the date.

By THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH (2005), we had a completely functional robot with 12 days left.

We will not be there this year. I am optimistic that we can possibly potential have something sort of all integrated by zero days left, but even with that I am not sure.

But that's one person's opinion,



Kersten said...

Chrissy and I just put in about two hours of work on the motor mount today during our free periods and I have to say it's looking good. I realize we may not perfect it (ok that's an understatement but you get what I mean) by Feb. 22, but hey, we still have three weeks left. We can get a heck of a lot done in that time, I guarantee you.
If, that is, we all kick into gear (which seems to have become our motto...).
Happy thoughts, people, happy thoughts.


HomogeneousTransform said...

Yo. I'm feeling better. Yes, we can do a helluvah lot in three weeks. I totally agree.

I think the toughest part is programming and electronics kind of depends on build finishing up before three weeks in order to debug things. Today, finally, Shirin and Sophia could get their heads around the basic driving code for the robot, because the chassis is finally done. Do you know what I mean? If things aren't built, there's nothing that the programmers can really do except for speculate and then wait to the last minute when something is built to finally debug it.

Anyhow, I'm sort of on the up swing. Thanks for keeping our chins up Kersten!