Thursday, February 02, 2006


so even if we cant do anything else, we can ram people. :)

but seriously, we got a lot done today.

CHAIN- Bud make us come kick-ass chain tensioners...when i first saw them i was kinda skeptical, but they work really well and get 500 points for visual appeal. yay! our back chain is tensioned!
for the front ones, we're going to go by last year's approch, bunny ears. since chain loosens up over time, if it does loosen up enoungh, we can always take the bunny off and put a bolt to tension it up more. good stuff.

BATTERY MOUNT- is almost finished. we just need to electrical tape-it so it doesn't conduct through the chassis (yikes) Props for good design by alecia! so now we can drive the robot around without strapping the battery to the side of the chassis with duct tape. haha.

LAUNCHER- built more of the platform and motor-securing device. it's almost finished so yay!

-mount bottom turret plate
-drilling holes to attach to chassis
- motor? directly to the plate (we already have a shaft hole and mounting screw holes. or we can put it elsewhere . sophia had a good idea. so direct drive the turret (van door hooked up to the plate) and in the middle put 2 gears, one on the shaft that is turning, and one on a potentiometer. they would have to be the same size sounds good to me...what do you thing emily?

-mount round turret plate.
-do we have the ball bearings? b/c we should attach them. we should also get another piece of aluminum to attach them to. get shaft and motor hooked up to the right place to fit

-ball feeder/storage
-posts need to go up. need to get materials for posts. EM- is there 80-20 that is 1/2" x 1/2" instead of 1 squared? that would be helpful.
-shower curtain, taught
-feeder to wheel (connection between storage and wheel. the prototype that Bud made us with the mousetrap maybe?

-build and mount. specs are somewhere on the first site

-PVC pipe
-needs to start at 3ft and go up to 4ft, capped at the bottom


ok so that's a lot to do. builders- no meeting this saturday (go to FOMF)but put your thinking caps on and get ready to rumble. these next two weeks are going to be killer.

and stress=dont do it. just say no. in the words of sophia through emily to me, we could build a robot that just moves in about 2 days, but what would we learn from that? or something like that.

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HomogeneousTransform said...

Y'all. Sounds good. We're on the upswing. At the end of the project, perhaps we can all build ourselves our own mood meters. That's a great way to self-reflect.

80-20: I'm not aware of any 1/2"X1/2" 80-20. Hmmm . . . that's a really good question. Let's think about this one. Definitely go and explore Mcmaster-Carr. You know where it is!

Sophia, great idea with the potentiometer. Um . . . hahah . . . um . . . I wonder what we could use in terms of a sprocket that won't smush the little potentiometer. We'll have to rig something up that makes sense.

OR buy a bigger-ass potentiometer . .

Nice Battery Mount ;)

More later . . .