Saturday, February 11, 2006

We created . . . a Mmmmonster!!


It also shoots like, um, a little to far now. Like across the field and 20 ft high, so we'll need to reduce / adjust the speed in software. I'm scared of this thing. I definitely don't want to be standing in front of it. We were hitting windows on on the second story in the IDEO alley way. We almost accidentally launched the ball onto the roof of the shop as well. Very scary.

Some issues we are dealing with:

- Structure seems to want to vibrate itself apart when the launcher is running (scary!!)

- No guides on the side, so sometimes the ball gets randomly sucked in sideways, resulting in shooting off to one corner. We definitely need to work on repeatability and accuracy a little bit more.

- Ramp? How are we going to secure the gate? So many things!!

Someone update me!!! What did Bud and you guys do after Kersten and I left for the rest of the afternoon?


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