Saturday, February 11, 2006

Quick Updates: Progress

So we haven't checked in here for a while, but we're definitely making progress. A little scary with so many days left, but we're making our way there.


Not to overly worry about it yet, but we're definitely getting to the heavy side. We're sitting at 100 lbs - the chassis at 70 lbs and the turret frame structure at 33 lbs. This means we need to get EVERYTHING else in under 20 lb. Not impossible but definitely a little disconcerting.


Build team mounted the frame to the turret base with the casters on it. Looks pretty good. It's kind of cute actually, like a little deadly R2D2. How is programming doing with limiting the range - alas, I am worried about programming. Setting up the code and sensors to do this kind of thing doesn't just come together like in a day . . . and it needs to be fault proof or else our electronics board is getting it because that van door motor will stop at nothing!!


Okay, we're at 33lbs. One way to get rid of the weight is to remove the entire yellow base all together. Seriously, because you have the square at the bottom holding your frame together, why not just bolt your casters to that and modify the motor shaft adapter to be a lot lighter?

We have all the parts needed for a 1:1 gear ratio now for the launcher. Both are 2.75" diameter pulleys. I also have a huge assortment of timing belts now just in case we run into some issues getting everything in the frame.


With Chrissy and Kersten on it, we should be done in no time. Like finish TODAY. This is SATURDAY.


Needs work. Sophia, Erin and I did a little b-storming and put together a little prototype. Now we need to figure out how to mount the motor to the ramp and how to stabilitze the structure of the ramp itself. Crazy stuff. Perhaps that 'flag post' we'll have at the back of the robot will be good to mount the ramp to.

OTHER STUFF: Is anyone thinking about this stuff?

- electronics cover
- PVC flag post (to display your alliance color)
- All your signage
- All your bumpers

Okay, signing out,


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Kersten said...

Hemm. Haven't been thinking about signage. I imagne we can put all sorts of stuff on the edges of the PVC pipe hopper, though.