Friday, February 05, 2010

general update

we switched marvin's back wheels to the moon wheels so that he would spin faster and not buckle in our itself: it worked fairly well, as he now turns well/pivoting. we tried to drive him over the bump, and while it did not work wonderfully, it didn't work horribly either. the one time we truly got him over the bump, we went really fast and he basically tipped over. we're not abandoning marvin altogether, but we are working on putting mecanum wheels on chad to see how that will work.

code is generally in good shape -- wiring up a gts today to potentially use on the cam.

divya is working on camera stuff

paiataaotgor's elevation idea may not ultimately work, as they think the cylinders will only raise it up about 18 inches. they are now trying to develop an arm to help elevate.

jimmy has suggested using something called "rola" for elevation... i am going to look into ordering it.

saturday: 10-4
sunday: 10-3

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