Saturday, February 20, 2010


it seems ridiculous to dive back into the mundane blogposts of what's happening, what needs to happen, etc, but i know that he would have wanted us to have a robot to ship on tuesday.

a couple of us are heading to nasa today [rules mean only six people can go] for a practice session. i'm a little unclear as to whether we have macoc [mac and cheese on chad] to work with, but we'll swing by ideo later. the full name, sadly, will NOT be macocwfw, as the pneumatics unfortunately are not going to work and therefore we won't have elevation.

programming is eagerly awaiting a moment when we can test some code :) but if worst comes to worst, we can always use thursday at portland for that. but honestly, especially since we won't be having elevation, i think we'll be in decent shape for tuesday.

thanks to everyone.

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