Monday, February 15, 2010

t-7, continued

chadddddd the chassssssssssssssis drives. well! beautifully! the gyro code ensures that we don't crash and burn after coming down off the bump. this is actually wonderfully exciting. at the very very least, we will have a driving robot.

paiataaotgor's prototype does not currently work perfectly, but we think that with a tower of the exact dimensions and correct bumpers, it shoooould work. fingers crossed.

a ghetto version of the kicker is on chad [macncheese on chad with free willy is the official name of the 2010 gatorbotics robot]. the cam, in all its wedgeofcheese glory, is machined, meaning we FINALLY have a functional prototype of a kicker. anndini added a wedge to the bottom of the kicker, and now it makes it into the goal!!!! this is enormously exciting. we're aren't yet using a motor, it's mounted with duct tape, and nandini sits inside chad to operate it, but PROGRESS! such progress! and with seven days to go [MAINSK!] that's all we can hope for.

bumper progress continues, crate is glorious, cad is good stuff, chairmans and woodie in the works, sugar in the belly, and off we go!

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