Saturday, February 13, 2010

vitals check, 2/13

thanks to shreya for posting that long list of what needs to happen before ship.... it's a hefty list, certainly, but we can do it. we're in a sort of bottleneck right now, since we can't test code until we have a chassis and we can't do the kicker until we have a chassis and we can't make final kicker decisions until we have a cam and there's just oodles to be done. jimmy is working on the chassis, kicker, encoder mounts, etc. fast and furious.

paiataaotgor is working hard on two thing that can be accomplished tonight: will free willy hold 150 pounds? and what will the final geometry be? yay for math and tightened 8020!

the crate is great [ha ha geddit?] and a deliciously vibrant shade of lime green, with a wonderfully ferocious CHOMP CHOMP mouth on it. that's a terrible description, but it's a great :) work of art.

we're coming at the end and with much that needs to be done but little that can be done, it can be really frustrating. keep your chin up and eyes focused and with some chocolate, fantastic mentors, and the will to win, we'll somehow put out a functional robot in our remaining nine days.

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