Saturday, February 13, 2010

t-10 to do list!

hello all!
so today we have compiled the following list of stuff to do before ship...luckily we are looking at the vast expanse of SKI WEEK stretching out before us like slope? for robots?
  1. Test drive code/ ability to strafe onto bump (strump?)
  2. Determine position for kicker/surgical tubing
  3. Mount encoders
  4. Mount gyro
  5. Mount battery and electronics board
  6. CASE for electronics board
  7. Where is pneumatics going? cylinders too
  8. Mount cam
  9. test cam code
  10. How to join surgical tubing?
  11. Bumpers
  12. Cart
  13. Anti-ball carrying/support pyramids
  14. Camera mount
  15. Make kicker
  16. Elevation hook...geometry
  17. Can we lift 150 lbs?
17 things to do in 10 days, so if we do 1.7 things per day we'll be done on time! WE CAN DO IT!!!

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