Tuesday, February 23, 2010

to do

details of the past few days to come shortly, but before i forget--

things to do either before or on thursday of portland:
FIX THE CRATE -- crack, power strip, weather stripping, bolts on the bottom, etc.
cart...? [check airline restrictions]
pack [update packing lists first]
do not forget the blinky light. take to portland and mount.
camera -- figure out how to mount it! test the code
[probably not] autonomous
sticky stuff for the front roller
distribute teeshirts, etc
chairman's video?

sleep, eat, etc.
i'm proud of us. it's definitely been a whirlwind, tumultuous season, but chad is pretty, chad drives and kicks and goes over bumps. get ready for a crazy two [...or three???] competitions.

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you to everyone we have to thank. you know exactly who you are.

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