Monday, January 16, 2006

35 Days Left!

Yup. Hard to believe that we've only been working on this for 10 days but we've gotten far.

Here's a reprise of the list of stuff:

Build Field Elements (ALMOST DONE, YAY!)
Determine chassis structure, layout and mobility (GETTING DONE)
Design and build the chassis support structure (THIS WEEK?)
Design and build support for the electronics
Design and build an encasement for the battery
Design and build any other support structures for motors and other actuators
Design and build all the signage that is necessary
Design and build the scoring device (i.e. launcher and loader)

And one more really important thing:

Design and build armor for the little fragile $200 camera.

Yup. Geezus. I'm doing CMU camera bedtime reading and I realized that if a 7" diameter foam ball goes flying at 12 ft / s into the camera, it'll begin its existence as a useless hunk of plastic. Wait, maybe if it does die, we can turn it into J Rock's pet rock.

Good night fellow bots,


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