Thursday, January 12, 2006

Build gets cranking

You guys ROCK!

Continuing on the field element build dive, Chrissy and friends finished cutting all the lumber at Castilleja with the new miter saw with the laaaaaser. Fantastic work there. Jen and Aditi joined Emily and Krysta (another IDEO-er) to cut all the plywood to the right size for the field elements. The biggest challenge was certainly getting the dang 15 degree edge on the ramp today - talk about serious belt sanding efforts!!

Kersten's dad George so generously donating his time and good (bad?) humor to the effort - picking up stuff from Minton's and then picking up stuff from IDEO and then helping Julia figure out what the field element drawings were trying to communicate. Now we all know that R5 with an arrow means that the curve has a radius of 5 inches!

I think we're in good shape Build!

Tomorrow, when you meet from 4-7 pm, work on getting the field elements put together. It would be great if Mr. Rockman or someone was there to help guide you in the process of putting things together. Nevertheless, you can still cut out the circle for the center goal and the side pieces with the jig saw while you wait.

The other thing you can do: Chassis stuff. A few of us really pushed for having six wheels. Can we all agree on that? I know some of you haven't been at the meetings as consistently - but it's not hard doing six wheels and a pretty good idea. If you are concerned about this, please voice your opinion here on the blog and Ed and I and other members will be able to respond.

If you want to bring the wheels to IDEO to press in the bearings on the arbor press, please let me know. I suggest just sticking with those wheels for now. We can totally switch them out later if we have time.

Is that good build team? Is that enough to do tomorrow? I'll be with programming and getting the computers set up. We're having some serious compiling issues, so that's where I'm going to dedicate my time tomorrow.


aditi said...

I really like the six wheels.

just so you know :)

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