Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Goodbye, Thor... ::tear::

first i would like to say that a certain non-female member of the team dropped the camera while playing solitaire. but we still think he's way cool... :)

today we...
Pressed bearings into wheels with the help of emily and jimmy at ideo, and also found that we are 4 bearings short! (2 wheels are missing bearings) so emily the magnificent has ordered them.


once we got the bearings in with the arbor press, we came back to casti and got working on the chassis (haha...casti...chassis?! get it? it rhymes! yay!)(click)

we have mounted the transmissions and mounted two of the wheels on the chassis...which was harder than it sounds because we couldn't find the screws, didn't have enough couplers, and didn't have enough sprockets, so we stipped Thor of screws, cuplers, and sprockets (basically we took everything but the wheels and the grime)so Thor is now looking very disshevled but he knows that he is being put to good use. think of it this way, he's living on through our new robot...which we still need a name for.

yay for julia's mom, debbie, who came to chaperone us so j-rock doesn't have to live at castilleja. she also brought chinese food...yummm...thank you beaucoup!

also yay for doug who stopped by a little before 8 to help us out with questions and stuff

and TRIPLE YAY for ROBOTICS and our hot new chassis...

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