Wednesday, January 25, 2006

things to do tomorrow...

Stuff we need to DO TOMORROW
-finsh wheels. this means go to ace and get screws that are long enough and the right size. this also means finsh everything to do with the driving wheels. for example, CHAIN. do we still have a chain cutter? ACE again?

-work on mounting turret, if we dont have the materials for that, we can work on...

-electornics mount. i'm thinking poly carb. i really like the velcro from last year, but with poly carb we have the screw-in option and the velcro option. maybe a thick piece with nicely mounted electronics?

-box for camera...again, would polycarb work for this? sounds good to me, but what do i know? it would have to have some sort of anti-glare/anti-reflection material on the inside. yup.

STUFF we need to GET tomorrow...
(This is basically EM's list)

2'x 2' x 1/8" STEEL PLATE for underneath the turret (to mount it on)

5 ball casters to support the turret and make sure it yaws nicely (5674K51)

2' x 2' x 1/4" aluminum sheet
2' x 2' x 1/2" MDF for on top of steel for the actual turret.

long metal hollow poles. about 45" tall. for holding shower curtains full of balls up. mcmaster or allen steel?

6535K31 - Perforated square steel, like swiss cheese, only less smelly 23.72/6'
6582K19 - square steel, 42.96/6'
6566K526 - rectangle - 43.23/6'

how thick does it need to be? em? j-rock? anyone else?
i'm leaning towards the cheesey one, b/c i just looked back at the rectangle and it meets aerospace and military specifications. i don't think it needs to be that heavy duty
none of them say how heavy the material is at mcmaster. ok, yeah

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Kersten said...

two questions:
won't a polycarb electronics mount be kinda expensive?
What do you think we should get the swiss-cheese steel for? For putting a piece of polycarb on and then the bearings for the turret?