Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Get ready to rumble some more!!

Dear Build Team!

Looks like you guys made some great headway yesterday (and dude, I totally wrote this post before I saw Chrissy's Schtuff)! I hope a Mcmaster order is going in today.

Are the following items on your list?

- Timing belt pulleys (yup)
- Timing belt (yup)
- Wheel or drive roller (duh)
- Shaft to support the output pulley
- Bearings to support the output shaft (remember you need them on both sides of the wheel)
- Shaft collars of the right bore diameter to affix the pulley to the output shaft
- Shaft collars of the right bore diameter to affix the motor pulley to the motor shaft
- Long 6" (10-24?) bolts for the mini-bike motor (there's one short one long right now . . .) to affix mini-bike motor to frame
- Any other items for your setup?

Alecia can be of great help to you now. Please consult her for:

- Shaft diameter of the mini-bike motor (she can pull up the file and tell you the radius and thus diameter)
- Check bolt size and thread pitch for the mini-bike motors

Finally, please start assembling the chassis soon!! Programming needs some time to tune their code to the dynamics of a six wheel chassis! With all the parts in hand except for 2 wheel sprockets (as we learned from Team 115 on their setup), assembling the chassis shouldn't take more than 1-2 sessions! Programming would love to be able to NOT be driving around Thor's big behind and start coding for this year's robot chassis instead!!

We're officially at 28 days gals!!

Doing well, with our collective understanding of the need for contingency plans ;)


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