Saturday, January 21, 2006

Food for Thought: Dimensions

I started scraping together a bunch of CAD files from the following places so that Alecia wouldn't have to build all her own part files of all the darn parts. No, I did not draw these by myself - if you look hard enough in cyberspace, someone will have done what you're looking for.

- Structural Frame: FIRST 2005 Kitbot (see the .IGES files?)
- Kit of Parts: AutoDesk Site login: (public)

The pain in the ass part was having to install Autodesk Inventor just to convert all the inventor .ipt parts to .iges so that I could import them to Solidworks.

Here's a reminder of scale. Dude, yes, 60 inches in height is a LOT more than we think it is. Do we want to take advantage of it? Ain't Solidworks COOOOL?

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