Sunday, January 08, 2006


Okay, so 1) PEOPLE RELAX! DO NOT FRET! WE WILL KICK BUTT! (extra good vibes to chrissy) 2) We got checked today and no one got beheaded. good job. 3)I have these robot pics that I took...but what should I do with them? Can I them here? like this? it takes too long. somebody give me the casti photo link in their spare time, please. 4) Should we bring food for our meeting on monday? 5) How long do we plan to focus on brainstorming? do we have particular deadlines yet or are we just going to kind of go with the ~~~flow for now?
(Sorry about the color. trying to get a feel for blogs.)


HomogeneousTransform said...
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HomogeneousTransform said...

Yo. Is this Alecia writing? Very cool. Thanks for writing. Mr. Barriger wrote back and we'll get the Solidworks thing solved in a jiffy.

Some thoughts about your questions:

3) Robot pics. I was going to set up PICASA for non-Casti community members like myself. I can't tap into your folders at school. You can deifnitely post pictures here, but there is only 500 MB of space per blog.

4) Ask Sophia. Dunno.

5) I believe we are going to focus on brainstorming until mid-week this week and start looking at our favorite ideas in depth by the end of the week.

6) Deadlines to aim for for the build team are on the science project room page. I'll get a better list of stuff going.