Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday- We're good to go!

can you say "lumber"? During our excellent trip to Home Depot, we got all the wood for the goals and cut all the wood for the center goal. the one for the side goal still needs work but we have all the parts. the new Meiter saw is one of the sweetest things i've ever seen! it too has a laser but the blade is a bit to the RIGHT of it, just in case you're using if without ME there... :)

Shirin brought awesome food today. hannah and i estimate that we consumed about 2,000 calories just in chocolate cake...yummmm....

THE CAMERA IS READY TO ROCK AND ROLL!!! we finished the stand and hooked up the servo motors. it moves really awesomely. Em, is it really bad to move the stuff connected to the servo motors? you can hear it turn but it doesn't sound terrible. although last year the VAN DOOR (like a car)died and none of us really knew. we kept the spinning to a minimum today though, just in case... :)

thanks to J-Rock for comming with us to the Home Depot to buy wood and screws. if anyone can think of a more original nickname let me know, appearently it's not "original" enough (j-rock was his college nickname)haha.

i'm pretty sure we have decided on the "spinning wheel" design for shooting balls. so get read to "aim high"!!!



HomogeneousTransform said...


Good morning J-Rock (that's totally going to stick) and friends. Blogger's temporarily down so I revert to a pre-historic tool for communication.

YOU GUYS KICKED SOME SERIOUS BOOTY LAST NIGHT. Thanks for getting all that done! So, Chrissy and friends who assembled the camera - you're right - especially with servo motors, DON'T force it to move. These little dudes are probably the smallest and most delicate motors we have. Nevertheless, with the camera assembled, you've inspired us to actually start working on it. So I'll start plowing through that . . . with Doug's help.

For today (Thursday):

- Half of you can stay at Castilleja and get the rest of the lumber cut to length.

- Bring the other half to IDEO (like 3-4 of you) and well get the plywood cut to size. Also bring the grey colored wheels and all the bearings (they should all be in the same box labelled 'wheels'). Someone can use the arbor press to pressfit the bearings into the wheels.

- We'll try to finish up earlier at IDEO so that we can take the major pieces back to Castilleja and use your JIGSAW to cut out the CIRCLE and the corner goal opening.

Coooool??? Thanks dudedettes!!

thunder & lightning said...

hey em, kersten and julia are comming a bit late so i don't know if we have enough people to be in two places at once.. me, diti, alecia, jen

we might just end up starting early then heading over...what time do you want us to get there?