Wednesday, January 18, 2006



we've decided to use the wheels we were given as opposed to buying new ones. Maybe we can beef up the traction in the ones we've got. kersten suggested buying rubber. Sounds good to me. If anyone knows how expensive rubber sheets can get post a comment.

Doug brought us KICK BUTT new shelves. Doug rocks.

another lovely dinner from the Kasturia family...and fabulous cake...yummm...

on to real robot stuff.
we're mounting the turret about 5 in above the base of the chassis, so it doesn't hit the wheels.

CIM AP801-005 motor for spinning ball launcher wheels
radius: .08m = 22m/s
radius: .09m =25m/s

the .09 radius is better. We're going to use it.
18cm ball 18cm

the only thing is we need a way to secure the motors ON AN ANGLE and make sure that THEY DO NOT MOVE. THIS MEANS SECURING THEM SECURELY. if we can't do that, (b/c there are appearently funky gyro forces at work) emily suggests vertical-izing the wheels. I am skeptical, but what do you all think?

ok. if i forgot anything, let me know.


Kersten said...

I think securing the wheels securely is one of the most important things we need to do. When you say vertical-izing the wheels... what do you mean? Like, having the wheels rotate up, thus shooting the ball straight up, perhaps into a tube that will redirect it into a more horizontal trajectory?

thunder & lightning said...

as in the wheels themselves are vertical. one on top of another, like the actual pitching machine they showed us in the safety video at the announcment stuff